Oli Powell
Senior Product Designer

Finding Our Bearings

Uncovering CeramicSpeed’s identity


CeramicSpeed specialises in hybrid bearings for sports and industrial applications, making a name for itself by hand-crafting, award winning and record breaking cycling products ridden by some of the world’s most famous athletes.


For many years however, it struggled in its identity. It knew who it was, but it couldn't quite figure out how to communicate that consistently to customers.

After the launch of the new e-commerce platform, it was an opportunity to overhaul the visual language and introduce a company-wide approach to design and a holistic strategy spanning all aspects of its identity.


Having this viewpoint meant we could get back to basics, and streamline our style into an ideology that’s rooted in the companies heritage.

Founded in Denmark, its personality is naturally Scandinavian, embracing an aesthetic which is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. So our graphics became quietly confident with an emphasis on a bold typographic style to communicate clearly and with purpose.


During the e-commerce re-design we decided early on to adopt a new corporate typeface called Px Grotesk, a classic sans serif that’s modest and versatile, yet full of unique qualities.

It allowed us, for the first time, to speak universally and with one voice, from the website right through to our packaging, in multiple languages and to many audiences. In some ways, it started a revolution and sparked new conversations about design.


By having this mutual understanding of our identity, motivated teams to build character and have fun without weakening the foundations — pushing boundaries to encourage creative thinking.


We streamlined processes by introducing cloud-based brand guidelines. This enabled us to update a colour swatch, or introduce a sub-brand and how to use its assets for example, and roll those changes out quickly and effectively.